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    • Student Resources


      Superintendent's Update: 5.21.20 

      Dear Families, Students, and Employees:

      This has been quite the year, but we have overcome many challenges by working together. We have many more challenges to address, but I have been inspired by what we have accomplished.

      First, congratulations to all of our graduates! I have been so moved by watching and hearing our student reflections this week during their ceremonies.

      Classified Employee Week

      As we end the week, the Board of Education and I want to extend again our sincere appreciation to our classified employees for all of their hard work. They have definitely risen to the challenge.

      Burbank Library Summer Reading Program & Other Enrichment Resources

      The Burbank Library is offering an online summer reading program. This free program encourages participants to develop a habit of reading daily and helps students practice their reading skills over the summer months. To learn more, please click here. We also will continue to post enrichment resources that students and families can access this summer on our District website.


      As discussed during the last Board of Education meeting, the Governor’s budget proposal would result in over $13 million in cuts to Burbank Schools. Communities across the state are raising their voices to prevent these cuts. Click here to email your legislators. We will discuss the budget situation during a series of Board meetings. You can watch the Board meetings by clicking here

      • Tuesday, May 26, at 7pm – Study Session
      • Thursday, June 4, at 7pm – Regular Board meeting
      • Wednesday, June 10, at 7pm – Study Session
      • Thursday, June 18, at 7pm – Budget Adoption

      Reopening of School 2020-21

      Next week, you will receive a survey to collect your feedback about your experience this spring. We will use this information and the guidelines from the state, county, and health officials to design different learning models for the fall. We will continue to solicit feedback and will send you information over the next several weeks.

      We have a lot to figure out with our financial situation and what school will look like in the fall, so we will be sending updates throughout the summer. By continuing to work together, we will build a stronger BUSD.

      Take care,

      Matt Hill, Ed.D.

      You may also click here for more information,
      previous Superintendent's Updates, and Spanish
      and Armenian translations of these messages.



      Dear Families...Thank you for always supporting Camperships through Coins for Campers.
      The contest is canceled for now, but we are still taking applications for campers.
      You can get the applications in English, Spanish, or Armenian, at www.burbankcc.org or using the link below.

      We are hoping the camps will be open, and that your children can attend. We will keep you informed
      about any camp closures, too.  We will need income verification from every family and will screen each family
      separately to keep social distancing. The safety of your children and whole family is important to us!!

      Call Janet with any questions....(818) 216-9377




      The Foothill Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) hereby gives notice that a Public Hearing will be held as follows:

      Annual Service Plan for Foothill SELPA for 2020-21
      Annual Budget Plan for Foothill SELPA for 2020-21

      HEARING DATE: May 29, 2020
      TIME: 11:00 am

      This hearing will be held online, pursuant to social distancing recommendations. For Zoom meeting
      joining information and/or to review the documents, please email sdunbar@gusd.net
      For additional information:
      Suzan Dunbar, Foothill SELPA Program Manager


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