• School Facilities Oversite Commitee:

    The specific charge to the Committee shall be to review proposed construction projects that are to be paid for, wholly or in part, from bond proceeds to determine if the projects are designed to rehabilitate Burbank's public schools, including:  replacing inadequate electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems; complying with fire, earthquake, health and safety standards; renovating, constructing and modernizing classrooms and school facilities; and not for non-construction related salaries.  The Committee shall oversee construction proposals, budgets, and schedules, to assure that all proposed projects are completed on schedule and on budget.  The Committee shall advise the Board of Education in writing if the proposed projects to be paid for from bond proceeds are in compliance with the intended purpose.


    Committee Roster and Terms (Term #):

    Walter Brennan, Jr.


    May 2020 (3)
    David Carletta


    May 2020 (3)
    Janet Diel


    May 2021 (2)
    Elena Hubbell


    May 2021 (3)
    Greg Jackson


    May 2020 (3)
    Raymond Juarez


    May 2020 (1)
    Joe Marando


    May 2021 (1)
    Barbara Miller


    May 2020 (3)
    Brian Smith


    May 2021 (3)


    For information regarding the Committee, contact Facilities Services at 818-729-5502.


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