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  • #BeFutureReady

    • Parents & Students:  Please be sure to grant permission and activate your provided BUSD student email.  Be sure you check it daily and use that email for all BUSD communication.

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    • JBHS Incoming 9th Grade Parent Presentation - click link below to review:

      JBHS Incoming 9th Grade Presentation



      Check the lists below for students accepted into each academy.  Please email if you have any questions. alysonedge@burbankusd.org

      BHS Business Academy

      BHS Engineering Academy

      BHS Medical Academy

      JBHS Engineering Academy

      JBHS Medical Academy

      Budget cuts to CTE programs will impact the NAF Academies.  We will only be able to accept the numbers approved by the district office.  

      APPLICATIONS:  The NAF Application window has closed.  BHS & JBHS Medical Academies are FULL.  BHS Business Academy is FULL.  BHS & JBHS Engineering Academies both have a few open spots.  Please email me directily if you are interested in joining either engineering academy.  

      INTERNSHIPS:  **BUSD has given permission for students to start or continue with their NAF internships if we follow the state protocols and practice safe measures and social distancing.  We realize that completing your internship hours will look very different this year.  We are still in communication and planning with NAF.  Check back here for updates.  NAF has made a few adjustments to the internship requirement in the wake of the quarantine.  They realize that it may be nearly impossible for you to have an internship like we've done in the past.  Two big changes NAF approved include a requirement of only 80 hours and volunteer hours will count towards NAFTrack status.  They realize that millions of Americans are out of work and those will be the first hired once the quarantine is lifted.  NAF does recommend any digital internships if possible.  I still don't know what that will look like, so please be patient.  As of this week we moved the internship and portfolio due date for seniors to March 12, 2021.  *Due dates and hours required may still change due to uncertainties.

      GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  Please be sure you check your NAF Google Classroom for more information and updates.  There is an entire page on this site dedicated to Google Classroom and the join codes, so join your NAF Google Classroom if you haven't already joined.  **Find the join codes under Resources page, Google Classroom.

      SUMMER SCHOOL:  Contact Ms. Caroline Sasorski from BHS or Mrs. Lisa Chung from JBHS for summer school information.

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    •  NAF Academies

      For young people on the cusp of making decisions about what their future holds, NAF connects the working world with high school experience by infusing STEM and work-based learning experiences into the curriculum to ensure students graduate and are college, career, and future ready.   More than 4 out of 5 students are graduating college without a job. We work hard as educators to prepare our students for the future.

    邕宁| 永昌| 朱日和| 梁平| 瑞昌| 达日| 嘉兴| 高密| 永寿| 江孜| 浪卡子| 正安| 随州| 宜君| 澄海| 沁阳| 赤峰郊区站| 舒城| 山阴| 汶川| 广平| 罗甸| 万荣| 泾源| 黎川| 柳河| 平山| 申扎| 精河| 兰考| 襄阳| 莒县| 康保| 西沙| 漳州| 喀什| 巴马| 凌云| 耀县| 青神| 许昌| 麻江| 德昌| 新兴| 绥中| 四子王旗| 万载| 泽当| 嘉义| 喀什| 勐腊| 修水| 达坂城| 广昌| 封开| 扎兰屯| 马站| 惠水| 涡阳| 贵阳| 太平| 潞江坝| 安福| 鹤庆| 防城| 普兰| 平果| 台前| 泽普| 浦江| 高安| 呼伦贝尔| 阳春| 忠县| 佳县| 白云| 石阡| 德昌| 茶陵| 鸡东| 甘德| 绍兴| 宁化| 黄石| 胡尔勒| 丽江| 桑植| 西连岛| 泰来| 永德| 太和| 康平| 栾川| 乳源| 临沭| 桐乡| 岳池| 南陵| 集安| 麦积| 贵阳| 长丰| 龙门| 屏边| 华坪| 嘉兴| 易县| 青龙| 鞍山| 大关| 商城| 衡水| 宝坻| 安义| 延庆| 东乡| 左权| 平潭| 高县| 商都| 嘉定| 太原北郊| 安丘| 汉川| 东营| 孤家子| 肥城| 北流| 夷陵| 正兰旗| 太湖| 芮城| 嘉兴| 顺德| 紫荆关| 伊春| 九仙山| 康乐| 嘉义| 常熟| 义县| 呼图壁| 大姚| 崂山| 察哈尔右翼后旗| 贺州| 广南| 勃利| 桂东| 六盘山| 习水| 临邑| 辛集| 东丽| 阿拉尔| 金华| 舒兰| 凤县| 常州| 安化| 南雄| 玉山| 民乐| 陶乐| 常熟| 和田| 曲阜| 饶阳| 龙江| 吉兰太| 浚县| 鄯善| 章党| 乐清| 和布克赛尔| 罗源| 沈阳| 洛隆| 资阳| 凤城| 平阴| 加查| 九龙| 宝山| 拉萨| 北塔山| 廉江| 徐水| 汉沽| 津南| 南部| 宜宾县| 马公| 鸡泽| 布拖| 广元| 神农架| 临夏| 阿里山| 彭州| 囊谦| 息烽| 大宁| 纳雍| 陈巴尔虎旗| 丽江| 汤原| 丽江| 上川岛| 屯留| 永登| 城步| 宕昌| 孝义| 巴彦诺尔贡| 景泰| 肃北| 布尔津| 当涂| 拐子湖| 乌拉特后旗| 景泰| 澜沧| 永城| 通道| 济南| 贵南| 东阳| 资溪| 淮南| 嵊泗| 淇县| 民乐| 合阳| 米林| 紫荆关| 贺兰| 铁卜加| 靖州| 临清| 龙门| 薛城| 兴仁| 凤翔| 镇沅| 滦县| 南靖| 马边| 黑河| 开封| 如皋| 诸暨| 长丰| 富阳| 原阳| 招远| 乌拉特后旗| 浦口| 米易| 灌阳| 阜阳| 迁安| 礼泉| 新和| 新平| 永寿| 括苍山| 禹城| 嵊州| 宜宾县| 小渠子| 万安| 仁怀| 花都| 弥渡| 林西| 草河口| 招远| 晋洲| 灵山| 川沙| 惠水| 米林| 望奎| 崇仁| 平乡| 榆树| 望谟| 尉犁| 辰溪| 盖州| 玉门镇| 满都拉| 句容| 罗甸| 南涧| 西峰| 长武| 武乡| 衡水| 济源| 安德河| 射阳| 木垒| 八宿| 岫岩| 莆田| 莱芜| 龙胜| 黑山头| 藁城| 黄山站| 富蕴| 仁怀| 双城| 九华山| 长清| 嘉兴| 武夷山| 静海| 绥滨| 锦州| 珲春| 沈阳| )| 南澳| 赣州| 囊谦| 鸡泽| 白玉| 永靖| 乐亭| 台江| 旬邑| 长汀| 新界| 崂山| 睢宁| 泸溪| 安达| 察隅| 安阳| 金湖| 会宁| 靖江| 江西沟| 鹤峰| 平舆| 临潼| 河南| 武川| 巴塘| 茶卡| 琼海| 安县| 滕州| 清镇| 梨树| 舞钢| 余庆| 高力板| 永春| 得荣| 延边| 陈巴尔虎旗| 思南| 彭山| 衡阳县| 闵行| 徐闻| 木里| 阜阳| 玉门镇| 天山大西沟| 红柳河| 博兴| 白河| 泊头| 南康| 壶关| 江山| 台安| 潢川| 长沙| 鄂托克前旗| 从江| 东岗| 馆陶| 沂南| 叶城| 鱼台| 伊吾| 榆林| 石家庄| 秦皇岛| 石楼| 安国| 彭山| 阿瓦提| 巫溪